Upgrade Your Cameras To High Definition

Increase Resolution

By upgrading your security cameras to HD (High Definition), the resolution will increase up to 5x that of standard resolution. For example, if you have standard coax cables, an upgrade would increase your system’s cameras from 1080p to 5 megapixels.

Keep Your Cables

Keeping your existing security camera‚Äôs coax cables is possible by repurposing them to carry the new High Definition TVI signal. This not only saves labor, time and expense, it reduces waste – meaning it’s better for the environment too!

Save Money

When you switch your cameras to HD and keep your current cables, you can save money in the long run. By not running new cable, you reduce downtime and the expense of labor and parts like data switches.

Security camera in corner of room in Illinois business

High Definition Cameras Can Make A Huge Difference

High definition cameras can significantly impact your business functions and bottom line. Having clear, well-defined video footage of your surroundings can make events of burglary, vandalism and shoplifting easier to detect and report. You will be able to keep track of incoming and outgoing employees, visitors, and students within your business.

Images of real-life HD camera upgrades completed in Illinois businesses. The before and after clarity and detail difference is immense.

A poor image of a tennis court before cameras were upgraded to HD
Security camera footage after HD upgrade on outdoor tennis courts
An Illinois school gym security camera footage show before the camera upgrade
An Illinois gym shown after camera upgrades by Thompson Electronics Company
Image of parking lot and sidewalk before camera upgrade
Parking lot and sidewalk shown after cameras were upgraded to HD

Looking to upgrade your cameras?

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