United Methodist Church

Hudson, Illinois

Church Video Presentation System Installation

Thompson Electronics Company worked with United Methodist Church in Hudson, IL to provide a video presentation system. Based on the request of the church, we offered the system with dual commercial grade 80” LED monitors as the main displays.

We installed a new Crestron AV switcher which has 2 VGA and 4 HDMI inputs and is controlled with a tabletop Crestron button controller. We fed a single HDMI signal to a 1×4 HDMI distribution amp from the switcher. This unit handles all of the AV routing for the video system. The button controller controls the system on/off, screen up/down, projector video mute, and Blu-ray player control (play, pause, fast forward, rewind, skip forward, skip back, and power off).

We utilized 80” Sharp commercial displays and added three HDMI extenders to accommodate for the longer distances to the dual displays and the conference monitor wall plate upfront. We also provided an HDMI/VGA input transmitter and receiver for a front AV input to the system. There is a new consumer-grade Blu-ray player connected as a source to the AV switcher.

united methodist church hudson ilinois