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Thompson Electronics Company has provided Illinois hospitals, skilled nursing, and long-term care facilities with top security systems since 1980. Security in a healthcare facility is crucial for safeguarding patients, staff, information, and assets. It contributes to the overall well-being of the healthcare environment and supports the delivery of quality care in a safe and secure setting.

Security Solutions To Fit Your Facility’s Needs

Access Control

Healthcare facilities typically use access control systems to regulate entry and exit points. This involves the use of key cards, biometric authentication, or PIN codes to restrict access to authorized personnel only. Different areas within the facility may have varying levels of access control based on the sensitivity of the information or the nature of the activities in those areas.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is commonly used to monitor entrances, exits, and other critical areas. Surveillance cameras act as a deterrent to potential threats and can provide evidence in the event of an incident. They may also be integrated with access control systems to visually verify the identity of individuals seeking access.


Elopement Management

Elopement management in a healthcare facility refers to the strategies and protocols put in place to prevent and respond to instances where patients or residents leave the facility without proper authorization or supervision. Elopement is a concern primarily in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and psychiatric units, where patients may have cognitive impairments, psychiatric conditions, or other reasons that make them prone to wandering away.

Door Security

Door security at a healthcare facility is designed with safety in mind. In an emergency, such as a fire or other evacuation situations, doors may be equipped with panic hardware or other quick-release mechanisms to ensure a swift and orderly exit.

Nurse Call & Panic Alarm

Both nurse call buttons and panic alarm buttons contribute to the overall safety and security of healthcare facilities. Nurse call buttons are patient-centric, allowing for timely and efficient care, while panic alarm buttons are designed to address emergency situations and enhance the security of staff and patients. The integration of these systems helps create a comprehensive and responsive healthcare environment.

Visitor Management

Healthcare facilities often implement visitor management systems to track and control the entry of visitors. This may include a check-in process where visitors are issued badges or passes, and their movements within the facility are monitored.

Why is security in a healthcare facility so important?

Patient Safety

Ensuring the safety of patients is a top priority. Security measures help prevent unauthorized access, reduce the risk of patient elopement, and create a safe environment for those receiving medical care.

Protection of Sensitive Information

Healthcare facilities handle vast amounts of sensitive and confidential patient information, including medical records, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Security measures such as access controls, encryption, and secure data storage are essential to protect patient privacy and comply with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Prevention of Theft and Vandalism

Healthcare facilities house valuable medical equipment, medications, and supplies. Adequate security measures, including surveillance systems and access controls, help prevent theft, vandalism, or unauthorized use of these resources.

Staff Safety

Healthcare workers face various challenges, including the potential for workplace violence or confrontations with emotionally distressed individuals. Security measures, such as panic buttons, surveillance, and access controls, contribute to the safety of healthcare staff.

Emergency Response

In the event of emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or security incidents, effective security measures enable a prompt and organized response. This includes evacuation plans, emergency communication systems, and coordination with local authorities.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

Limiting access to certain areas of a healthcare facility is crucial to maintaining order and safety. Access control systems help ensure that only authorized personnel have entry to sensitive areas like laboratories, pharmacies, and restricted patient areas.

Patient and Visitor Experience

A secure environment contributes to a positive patient and visitor experience. Knowing that their safety is a priority can enhance confidence in the healthcare facility and contribute to a more comfortable and healing atmosphere.

Compliance with Regulations

Healthcare facilities must comply with various regulations and standards related to security, privacy, and safety. Meeting these regulatory requirements not only avoids legal consequences but also promotes the delivery of quality healthcare services.

Prevention of Infection Spread

In the context of recent global health crises, security measures are also vital to preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Controlling access, implementing screening protocols, and maintaining a secure environment contribute to infection prevention and control.

Asset Protection

Beyond protecting patients and staff, healthcare facilities have valuable assets, including expensive medical equipment. Security measures help safeguard these assets, ensuring their availability for patient care and preventing financial losses.

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Thompson Electronics Company in Peoria and Naperville has one of the best healthcare security teams the State of Illinois has to offer. We are a team of professional, fully licensed and trained designers, engineers, and technicians that can service every kind of electronic system. You can trust our team will get your project done right the first time.

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