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Why Upgrade Your Courtroom Technology?

Technology has evolved greatly over time. Unfortunately, most courtrooms are still lacking the ability to properly harness the power of this advanced technology. Audiovisual (AV) technology in the courtroom has become essential for attorneys to effectively present evidence in a way that is quickly understood and impactful.

Evidence can come in many forms in modern court proceedings. From physical objects to digital documents and photos, attorneys require an AV technology system that is flexible enough to present any piece of evidence to help them properly make a case.

High resolution large tv monitor screens and swiveling camera in a courtroom

About Thompson Electronics Company

For over 4 decades, Thompson Electronics Company has been designing, installing, and supporting professional audiovisual solutions throughout Illinois. Our dedicated team has developed a thorough understanding of the technology required by courts. Combine this expertise with our unique all-in-one approach to providing AV systems, Thompson Electronics Company should be your first choice for implementing and servicing all your AV technology needs. Some of our courthouse clients include the Illinois Supreme Court (Springfield and Chicago), the Illinois House of Representatives (Springfield and Chicago), the Illinois Senate (Springfield), and hundreds of Illinois county courtrooms and jails.

42 Years of Experience

Thompson Electronics Company’s audiovisual technology options are reliable and easy to use. We use the best brands in the industry. You’ll be backed by Illinois’ top audiovisual professionals for your courtroom’s design and service needs.

The Thompson Electronics technician is testing video from the courtroom to the public lobby
Thompson Electronics Company's audiovisual technician  adjusting wiring in a  tower

Courtroom Technology Options

For court proceedings to run smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial that the courtroom’s AV (audiovisual) system performs as expected every day. Our systems do just that and can be used to present evidence, conference others (by using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and VoIP calls), and reinforce in-room audio (PA systems). These systems are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Once your new system is designed and installed, we provide a formal training session for all employees.

A courtroom with high resolution displays and projectors for evidence

High resolution video walls, projectors, and flat panel displays

Properly sized displays in the correct locations make sure every participant can clearly view videos and images shared in the courtroom. We take the distance of viewers, ambient lighting, and field of view into account when designing our visual reinforcement plan for each courtroom.

witness monitor for courtroom audiovisual technology

Witness Monitor

Viewing evidence on a personal monitor present at the witness stand can help witnesses properly comprehend the presented image. When the AV system includes the annotation option, a touch screen monitor is used at the stand so witnesses can make their own digital marks to help clarify their testimonies.

touch screen for witness annotation

Witness Annotation

When the AV system includes the annotation option for the witness, witnesses are able to use their fingers to make digital marks over any displayed image. This allows a witness to draw lines and highlight key information to effectively clarify the testimony.

Judge Override on Touch Panel

A touchscreen control panel at the bench lets the judge keep complete control over all evidence presented. With a simple interface to the touchscreen, the judge is able to instantly suppress or restore audio and video to all sensitive zones of the courtroom including the jury, witness, and gallery. When combined with a judge’s monitor, the judge is able to preview controversial evidence at the bench before it is presented to the jury.

Attorney table monitors in a courtroom

Attorney Table Monitors

It is common for each attorney table to have a personal monitor so evidence presented by the opposing counsel can be easily viewed and analyzed.

Attorney table monitors in a courtroom

Evidence Presentation

With minimal effort, attorneys can present documents, color photos, objects, videos, and use electronic presentations to bring details to the court using our Evidence Presentation Carts. 

Camera Control

The AV system can include in-room cameras for video calling and the touch panel can recall camera presets as well as camera controls. 

Judge's monitor in a courtroom

Judge’s Monitor

A monitor at the bench allows the judge a personal view of any evidence that is presented through an evidence presentation system. When combined with the Judge Override option, the judge can easily preview any controversial evidence and make a ruling before it is presented on other monitors in the courtroom. This allows a judgment to be made on evidence without first dismissing the jury.

Monitors for the jury in a courtroom

Jury Monitor(s)

It is important that every juror is able to see the presented evidence at the same time. The layout of the courtroom is often a determining factor in whether one large monitor is used for displaying evidence to all jurors or if multiple, smaller monitors are placed throughout the jury box.

Even More Options

Advanced Zone Control

As an upgrade to the Judge Override option, advanced zone control allows the judge to independently control video suppression in up to four separate zones in the courtroom. Which specific monitors/projectors fall into each zone is based on the needs of your courtroom.

Assisted Listening Systems

We can also include ALS (assisted listening systems) as required by ADA for those who are hard of hearing.

Other Personal Monitors

Depending on the layout of your courtroom, other personal viewing monitors may be needed for the court clerk, administrator, reporter, etc.

What Our Clients Say


“Carl Howell and the entire TEC team have provided outstanding service, professional and well-designed solutions for all of Peoria County’s courtrooms for many, many years. I have highly recommended them to numerous jurisdictions across the State of Illinois. They are phenomenal.”

Rena' Parker

Retired 10th Circuit Court Administrator for Peoria County Courthouse


“Thompson Electronics installed our new fire alarm monitoring system in a timely manner to ensure the project to rehabilitate our new street maintenance facility remained on schedule. Following the installation, the Thompson Electronics staff have been helpful and responded quickly to questions about the new system.”

Aaron Gavin

City Engineer at the City of Galesburg


“Thompson Electronics Company has outstanding customer service. Their support staff and technicians get things done quickly and accurately. We are relieved to have one company to call for all our service needs.”

Chris Rigg

Facilities Maintenance Manager at Elliott Aviation of the Quad Cities


“TEC has great, fast service and is always friendly and willing to help. They are available anytime I need help and have a great staff, from the office personnel to the technicians.”

Danielle Nelson

VP, Operations Manager at Bank of Farmington

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