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A Starlink cellular device is the most reliable for emergencies

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  1.  Telephone companies are no longer required by the government to maintain or keep POTS or PSTN lines working
  2.  In the event of a storm or accident, phone lines prone to damage are no longer replaced
  3.  Old phone lines and networks are too expensive for phone companies to fix and maintain and they are being phased out neighborhood by neighborhood
  4.  The supply of POTS/PSTN landlines is low and costs are increasingly high
  5.  Switching to cellular could save you $2,150 per year*


StarLink Cellular Monitoring Device


Contact our Service Department and we will schedule a device upgrade for your facility.

Dial 800-323-3300 and then press 1


More Information

Upgrading your emergency monitoring device is simple and cost effective. Our certified technicians can install a StarLink device in 90 minutes and costs an average of $500-$1,000.* This cost includes the device and service visit. After the device is installed, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your building or facilities are fully covered in an emergency situation.

Feel free to call our Service Department with questions. Thank you for choosing Thompson Electronics Company!

*Costs and service visit time are estimates based on customer averages. Your cost and service time may vary.