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Unlike noise cancellation which eliminates sound and is better suited for confined spaces, sound masking, as the name suggests, helps mask sound or cover it up. In other words, the sound still exists but is hidden, similar to how a tinted window or two-way mirror can hide an object.

Sound masking (also known as noise masking) is a technique commonly used to reduce office distractions such as background conversations and traffic, or it can also be used to help maintain privacy in environments where discretion or secrecy is desired.

Our professionals use specialized equipment and training to determine the optimal sound levels for sound masking. They can then determine the best locations to project the masking sound, either in the form of white noise or through additional sound such as the way a speaker’s voice bounces throughout a room. The sound speakers used for sound masking can be strategically placed and hidden themselves in order to blend in with the surrounding architecture. When done correctly, no one will even notice the technology working in the background to enhance their comfort.

Increase productivity, comfort and privacy with high-end sound masking from Thompson Electronics Company. Reduce or eliminate distractions caused by conversations, machinery or other environmental noise. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and expert installation creates a more comfortable, professional experience for all who work in or visit your facility.

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