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Healthcare models have changed. Sentinel events, patient falls and elopement risks all demand attention. In this climate of change, nurse call systems continue to evolve. What was once regarded as call bells or light and tone call systems are now sophisticated tools. Nurse on call evolution continues forward as features are enhanced to improve patient care, staff communication and boost patient satisfaction scores. Patient outcomes, care and patient satisfaction levels drive reimbursement.

Many hospitals, skilled care facilities, sheltered care, assisted living, independent living and specialty care facilities have upgraded systems leveraging technology. The ability to integrate emergency call, medical alarmed devices, door alarms, resident alarms, location devices and much more into a single “collector” improves communication.

Centralized collection and annunciation of patient calls and other facility alarms provides the ability to collect and distribute critical information to staff; this enables the right person to receive the right message at the right time. The evolution of IP based systems allows multiple systems to collect and disseminate information via wireless nurse call, telephone, mobile phones, dedicated wall displays, pocket pagers, master stations, emails, SMS text messages, and receive information from electronic medical record systems.

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