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Data capture and reporting provides timely evidence to support unit initiatives, call response goals, and resource needs. With our monitoring systems, you can author custom reports to access important data points and metrics allowing you to:

  • Provide clinical managers with data to support performance improvement initiatives
  • Track response times to patient requests and measures deviations from standards
  • Automatically deliver reports to designated recipients
  • Support clinical decision-making with evidence-based metrics

Provide memory care residents with an extra layer of protection and assure staff and families that those they care for are where they should be. Using a wide variety of technologies our monitoring systems work as simply as locking the doors when a protected resident approaches. The opposite end of the spectrum provides fully developed systems that allow for real-time resident tracking within the protected environment. All of the monitoring systems that we provide are the result of a collaborative design process that assures that facilities receive the right system to meet the needs of their care environment.