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Thompson Electronics Company offers scalable tier-1 cloud security solutions with uncompromised performance not available from most cloud-based offerings in the security industry.

Operations Statistics
99.99% Uptime
6 Million + credentials
Avg. 90,000+ sessions per day
5.2M events per day
Operating Environment
Redundancy + DR
High availability clusters
Commercial hosting centers
Communication Security
Edge to center – outbound only
X.509 mutual authentication
128 bit AES encryption
Data Security
7+ years of full stack audits
Continuous vulnerability testing
Cloud security Alliance STAR registrant
Safe Harbor certified

Advantages of cloud-based access control and video surveillance systems include:

  • Low cost of ownership and management
  • Military-grade encryption and certificate exchanges
  • Little to no IT costs or involvement to implement or expand your system
  • 24-hour monitoring, vulnerability testing, and protection of your access control and video data from hacker attempts, denial of service attempts, viruses, database attacks, ransomware attacks, web server exploits, and application server/operating system exploits
  • No charge and instant installation of all major and minor software releases without the need to upgrade your operating system or PC for any new software release
  • Redundant power backup, software redundancy and redundant server with HSO (Hot Swap Over) servers provides 99.5% availability to access your software
  • No client software licensing
  • Quickly and securely connect from a mobile application to manage your system from anywhere at any time
  • Immediate remote system diagnostic capabilities
  • Compliance of personal data security & privacy best practices

Cloud Access Control System Features

  • Automatic backup of the most current system programming
  • Automatic 1-year redundant storage of all access control system data
  • Network connection to the access control system through an outbound port only
  • Built-in photo ID badging
  • Live integration with visitor management system, AD, LDAP, and other sources
  • Mobile credentials available for smart phones

Cloud Video Surveillance System Features

  • Automatic secured and redundant off-site storage of video data which eliminates the ability of a criminal to tamper with or remove video surveillance footage from your facility
  • Dynamic and guaranteed video storage capabilities allowing increases or decreases to retention days or frame rates
  • Military-grade encryption to maintain the legal integrity of the video data

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