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Biometrics refers to the authentication of an individual by uniquely measurable physical characteristics such as facial/voice recognition, fingerprints, hand geometry and iris scanners. These characteristics offer a deeper level of identification than traditional access control methods because physical traits are unique to each individual and are difficult if not impossible to duplicate. All biometric techniques differ according to security level, user acceptance, system cost, performance, management, etc.

Biometrics completes the three level authentication process of an individual:

  1. “What you know.” – Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password
  2. “What you have.” – Proximity/smart card or key fob
  3. “Who you are.” – Biometric feature of the human body

Utilizing all three levels of identification provides the highest level of security authentication.

To overcome the privacy and security concerns of the biometric data it is imperative than an advanced encryption algorithm is utilized during database entry. This important security management best practice protects the individual’s biometric information in the event the access control database is compromised. Thompson Electronics Company can provide a biometric solution which best fits your access control system operation, policies/procedures and implementation budget.