Tyler Kurland

Audiovisual Sales Specialist

Tyler Kurland is an Audiovisual Sales Specialist based out of our Naperville, Illinois office. He graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. Tyler has 12 years of experience in the audiovisual industry and 2 years of experience in system integration.

Throughout his career, Tyler has achieved creating positive change for the companies he has worked for and the clients he has worked with. His continuous goal is to provide businesses with a partner they can depend on, develop with, and trust as their needs shift and grow. With every project, he’s eager to understand customer needs to ensure the right audiovisual solution. Tyler truly enjoys honing in on client requirements and walking through each solution in a way that is easy to understand, thus empowering the client to decide with confidence. Ultimately, Tyler wants to be an extension of the team he designs for.

Tyler has been married to his wife Lindsey since 2017 and they welcomed their daughter, Bella, to the family in 2019. In addition to spending as much time as humanly possible with them, he enjoys a variety of instruments (he jokes “a jack of all trades, master of none”), singing, bodybuilding, and listening to podcasts and books when he’s on the road.

What I am working on

My main area of focus is taking systems with complex control and building out designs that are flexible, easy to use, and reliable, with a special interest in speaker layout/design. Most importantly, I want clients to understand their system, feel confident using it, and empower them to make creative decisions. I’m also focused on getting the Thompson Electronics name out in northern Illinois and the Chicagoland area near our new north brand location.

What I'm passionate about

My professional passions include designing sound systems for acoustically-challenging spaces and developing relationships with new clients. Outside of work, I’m incredibly passionate for my wife and daughter and my love of music.

Industry trends

The AV industry is certainly trending towards AV over IP for distribution, moving away from more traditional setups. This provides a “many-to-many” system with limited hardware. Additionally, I’m seeing more “plug and play” type solutions, requiring little design and programming. These solutions are perfect for small, simple rooms and can be a cost-effective way to deploy new technology across a large campus. However, the limitations on flexibility and customization should be taken into account. 

Feel free to reach out!

Tyler Kurland

Cell: 815-587-5887

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